Holistic health involves the body, the mind, and the spirit and is aimed at balancing each aspect to restore balance and achieve a sense of well being. The goal of the practice is to educate, guide, and inspire individuals to improve health. This will be done through individualized nutritional consultations filled with information about various dietary approaches, cooking recommendations, exercise programs, and lifestyle advice.

"My goal is to help you feel great. I will guide you through the jungle of labels and ingredients; I will inspire you to commit to a healthier living; I will show you that eating food that is delicious and healthy is possible, easy, and enjoyable. Whether you are looking to get healthier, want more energy and less stress; whether you are in a great shape and just want to stay on top of things; or you have decided to start a whole new life and need someone to advise you each and every step of the way; I am here for you!"

-Yevgeniya Libkhen, MS, CNS, LDN