Beautiful skin is more than skin deep.  The skin is our largest organ, one that protects, nourishes, and detoxifies the entire body.  The skin is a reflection of a healthy body. 

An entire industry has been built to help us keep our skin looking young, healthy, and beautiful.  Yet, many of the commercial products are full of harsh and dangerous chemicals. 

There is a plethora of easy steps we can take every day to keep our body and our skin healthy and radiant, naturally.

Nourish.  Eat plenty of vegetables, dark leafy greens, and fruit.  These foods are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; they slow the aging process, and are cleansing in general.  Choose whole grains and lean proteins to accompany your vegetables for a complete meal.  All plant foods are high in fiber and assist proper bowel function and elimination, thus decreasing amount of stored toxins in the body. The smaller the toxic load on the skin (remember skin’s functions include elimination and detoxification), the less frequent is the occurrence of pimples, rashes, and other blemishes.

Hydrate.  Drink 6-8 cups of purified water.  Water is essential for cell health and integrity and skin acts as a water gage.  Dehydration will immediately show up as dull, parched, sagging skin. On the other hand, being well hydrated is the easiest thing you can do to improve your skin’s appearance.  Adding lemon to water will have an anti-inflammatory alkalinizing effect on the body.  Herbal teas and infused water are other flavorful alternatives to plain water.  Also, try using frozen fruit or berries in your water instead of ice. 

Treat your skin.  Facial massage tones muscles. Learn an easy facial self-massage technique to include in your routine. In the morning, follow the massage by a light rub with an ice cube. It is invigorating and refreshing. To wind down your day, a massage with jojoba or sesame oil and a few drops of lavender oil is calming and relaxing.  Coconut oil is a wonderful replacement for many skin care products.  For example, use it as a night cream, diaper cream, hand lotion, or shaving cream.

DIY.  There are many do-it-yourself skin nourishing options.  For bath-time add a cupful of dried seaweed to release toxins or swirl 3 Tbsp. of honey for silky skin.  A mixture of honey and red wine applied to face and left on for 20 minutes makes a great anti-wrinkle treatment.  Looking for an exfoliant? Try using cucumber or papaya peels.  An easy and gentle scrub can be made from a mixture of mashed avocado and sugar.

Supplement.  A healthy diet is imperative for healthy skin, however when it is not enough a supplemental program may be worth trying.  In addition to the well-known vitamins such as A, C, and E there are many nutritional compounds, essential oils, and herbs that may prove beneficial.  It is best to seek recommendation for such protocols from your nutritionist or a holistic health consultant to determine what would work best for you, your skin type, and your constitution.

Detox.  Follow a seasonal or a semi-annual detox plan to clear out toxins and let your body rest and rejuvenate.  It is like an oil change for your car.  Liver detoxification, weight loss, improved digestion, looking and feeling younger, increase in energy levels, and healthy and delicious meals are all a part of the program. The DETOX is available individually or in a group setting.

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Disclaimer:  For informational purposes only; not for prescribing or endorsement