"I started out on my road to health and wellness a long time ago. Small changes seemed insignificant at the time. For example, I decided to stop taking a pain reliever for a headache and rubbed my temples with peppermint oil and brewed rosemary tea instead. I committed to buying and using only whole grains and whole grain products. I made a conscious effort to allow myself extra time to walk rather than drive. Over the years these and many other changes have accumulated into a whole new lifestyle. I started perceiving the world and myself differently. I found balance and harmony in my life. I also realized that health and wellness is my passion and it is a journey without a final destination. Each and every step elevates you to a new level of health and well-being; however moving forward does not diminish your previous accomplishments in any way. There is no greater prize ahead, because in the journey to health each step and each pause is rewarded.

I wanted to share my experience and my vision with others. That is how my passion evolved into a career. Becoming a holistic health consultant enabled me to help my clients at every step of the way. Whether it is to invite you on the journey to health, to advise on a specific subject, or to ease your hardship (no one said it was easy to break old habits). I help my clients reclaim their health and improve it. Through personalized consultations, education in various healing modalities, and hands-on presentations I am able to devise an individual program, a road map to YOUR journey. Such individualistic approach guarantees improvement. I help you find what works for you - my client, not what helps a certain condition. I work with you and your entire being, your body, mind, and spirit, not a list of medical diagnoses. We have a right to health! Imbalance in our body, whether caused by stress, illness, or poor nutrition takes us further away from health. I am here to help you learn how to turn that around and take steps in the right direction."

Yevgeniya Libkhen, MS, CNS, LDN

Holistic Health Consultant
Founder of "Health Is A Gift"