Ear candling is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. This is truly an amazing technique. A hollow candle-shaped tube made of wax-soaked linen is placed into the ear with tapered end of it fitting snugly, the other end is lit. The lighting of the candle creates a gentle vacuum suction that can soften and dislodge wax and debris and pull it out of the ear canal and into the ear candle. The suction also affects the ear drum, normalizing the pressure inside the ear and sinuses. Because this is such a gentle and painless procedure it is safe for all including small children (the child must be able to lie relatively still for the duration of treatment). Ear candling is great as a part of a seasonal detoxification program or a relaxation technique with added benefits.

Some of the potential benefits of ear candling are:

  • relief of pressure in ear canal and sinus
  • improvement in hearing
  • safe removal of excess wax
  • fewer ear aches & infections
  • fewer ear-related headaches
  • feeling of cleanliness
  • relaxation