Supermarket tour is a unique opportunity for you to have a holistic health consultant and a foodie go shopping with you. We will go around the store and while you shop, I will point out healthy choices; great substitutes for what may not be the healthiest picks; I'll introduce you to new foods and will give you some preparation ideas; I will teach you how to read labels and how to do it quickly, so you don't have to spend an hour with each label. These, as well as other topics will be covered during the tour at the supermarket of your choice.

Pantry makeover is similar to the supermarket tour in terms of educational value. I come to your house and go through your entire food supply (fridge, pantry, and freezer) pointing out the good and the bad of your provisions. I will explain why each food falls into either category and will teach you to select with your health in mind. After the makeover, we'll shop for better replacements to renew and "healthify" your pantry and all unwanted food will be donated to a local food bank.